Be it your first pregnancy, a hard goodbye or the mundane everyday, I hope to tell your story just as I would tell my own: with sensitivity, humanity and beauty. An extra-ordinary birth. An uncooperative sibling. An unusual story you're trying to document. I love finding the precious stillness of a moment that—when committed to frame—unlocks emotion. 

A few of my favorite things to shoot include:

  • Birth: both hospital and home
  • Fresh 48's: the first 48 hour of life at hospital or home
  • Newbies: home sessions within the first few weeks of life 
  • Family life: you and your loved ones in your home or special location
  • Maternity: the sacred space of soon-to-be parents
  • Documentary: helping people heal by capturing the beauty of their story in the tough spots of life
  • Special moments: images that will be treasured for generations around major milestones
  • Day in the life: hanging with your family and capturing the essence of your routine 

If documenting your today, so you can reminisce tomorrow is what you're looking for, then let's tell your story together. 

Contact me for custom packages and pricing. Packages begin at $600 for sessions and digital image rights.