Newbie Session: Meet Ezra


I didn't anticipate the joy I'd feel when writing the words "Degraaf Family" when labeling this session. I've been a fan of Aaron for a while. (We've been friends for close to 25 years.). But when he met April, I became an even bigger fan of Aaron. His "discerning" nature we'll call it, paid off because he found an amazing partner in April. And now, these two have done their part to make this world a little sweeter. Meet Ezra.


This tiny soul joined us in mid-January. Just 12 days later and he found his calling as a male model. He is the perfect mix of his mommy and daddy, and doesn't seem bothered in the least to share their hearts with his canine sibling (cue the pup's mug in the center shot above.) 


Ezra is named after a prophet of the Old Testament who was the ultimate helper, leader and teacher. There is no doubt that with the support of their loved ones, April and Aaron will raise Ezra to glorify His name.


Nothing could underscore the drama and change that occurs in the first few months of parenting better than these two photos. In just 40 seconds, all is lost and all is gained. Things are happy, things turn sad. Situations are under control, then chaos ensues. Fleeting in a moment as they grow day-by-day but never-ending in those sleepless moments when the baby can't be soothed. It's the new pace of family life and it's shocking, exciting, and cyclic.

In other words, if you know these two or new parents like them, take a second and send them an encouragement, shovel their drive, make them a dinner. It's the best ride on earth. But it's big and every evolving family can use some extra TLC. (No, Aaron did not pay me to write this so he could get out of chores.)


I don't think I've seen a more together family less than two weeks after birth. Their smiles were radiant, their demeanor was calm and somehow their house was WAY cleaner than mine. I've never been more impressed by a new family!


Can you get over those forehead wrinkles and pursed little lips? Every wrinkle and tiny toe is perfection.  


This smile says it all. He is content. He is loved. 


April and Aaron, these are the moments and details that I hope you never forget. Truthfully, almost 9 years later, and my ability to recollect all the snuggles and coos is hard without a photo to pull me back to that time. It's the reason I am a photographer. I hope you come back to these often as Ezra grows and changes. There is so much about him right now that will remain and so much that will change. Let these image serve as that measuring stick.


Thank you for sharing Ezra with me, and now with the rest of the world. You two are going to be amazing at this new journey! Ezra, you are surrounded by a community that adores you already and will be there to support you as you grow. All my love to you three, the Degraaf Family. (Man, that sounds great.)