Newbie session: Meet Ava

Now that I am doing this photography thing in my spare time, I wonder if my friends, and more specifically new friends, think I are trolling them for shoots. What makes me wonder is that I truly have the most beautiful friends—I mean subjects—around. Inside and out. I promise it's not intentional and I'm friends with you for many other reasons...I am just a lucky girl to have good friends that happen to be supermodel quality and trust me with their fragile moments.

Shannon and Sean are also supermodel friends. And as all pretty people do, they of course made a super model baby. Meet Ava. And though I've heard she can be a bit fussy from time-to-time, I do believe Aunt Courtney and her magic heating pad could be an elixir to her crying....More truthfully, my son had severe colic issues for 9 months, so I get it and have way more of a heart for how tough it can be than this joke lets on. 

Thankfully, we had a magical morning getting to know each other in the flesh (this poor child probably became accustom to hearing my voice drone on about branding and deadlines since Shannon and I work together at ddm.) These shots don't do justice to how sweet this child is. She's a tiny one and so perfectly made. Her parents do good work! What made me most happy is how naturally both Shannon and Sean parent. It was a true team. And they were calm and collected with every variable that a home shoot of a newborn can bring.

I'm very grateful for the time I spent with the Tenbrinks capturing this new chapter. The only thing that comes close to matching this happiness is having Shannon return to our team after maternity leave. We miss her if only we can find a way to smuggle Ava into the office everyday. Baby holding during a meeting is the only way our day jobs could get any better!