Fresh 48: Meet Clara

When someone who is literally written into your will as an advisor on our children's well-being should something terrible happen goes into labor, you make sure you get to the hospital when her baby arrives. Thankfully, sweet Clara made her way to us just 24 hours before our family was to catch a plane to Florida. Baby girl already has a great sense of timing. (I'm joking. She was two weeks late.)

Deb and I go way back. We sat in the trenches of client service together. She encouraged me as we battled to have Ryan (on a daily basis). She came out of "retirement" to help me on special projects when only she could accomplish the task at hand. And most importantly, she and her boys became family as she watched Ryan for the first 3 years of his life. Heck, she even attended my sister's wedding so she could be a 10 month old's date so I could be the Maid of honor. So when asked to document the birth of her fourth child, and her first girl, I had to jump at the opportunity.

Clara is welcomed by three brothers. Three boys that are still figuring out just what to do with a little sister. Truly, you can not imagine three more well behaved boys, especially when joining them just minutes after meeting their new little sis. 

Clara is perfect in every way. She has this tiny little tongue that peaks out as she takes in the world. She is a spitting image of her dad in these shots. But as we all know, we have years to flip-flop on dominant genes as she grows. Every little girl ends up looking like her momma!

Even when this sweet child screams, she's cute. Thank goodness she's got expert parents when it comes to soothing a puker-fusser (inside joke for you Angry Kitty :)

Little man Luke was not sure of what to make of things at first, but eventually his curiosity got the best of him. We'll just continue to remind him that he'll always be the baby brother now that a girl has joined the family.

The blessings are in the details and we didn't miss any of them!

Brian and Deb, thank you for sharing the precious few hours of nesting that you're given at the hospital with me. It is an honor to share those first moments with families, especially yours. We love you all so much. Congratulations!