Newbie Session: Taylor and Paisley

World, meet Paisley. Look at those eyes! Look at those lips! Has there ever been a sweeter gaze? Even when she's angry, she's pretty darn cute. (Spoiler alert; we've got a few of those shots too.) 

It is the highest privilege to be invited into a home just days after a little one comes into the world. I get to step into their cocooned, snuggly, getting-to-know you days and capture every sweet nuzzle.

On this occasion, I was invited by one of my favorite young women, Taylor. For an entire afternoon, I got to capture three generations of a family that were just days into the arrival of this tiny baby girl. Taylor is one of my husband's former scholar athlete; a superstar whose athleticism is only topped by her brains. (The girl worked out and lifted, even after she was overdue!) Taylor babysat for our family before moving onto college where she played soccer and pursued her studies.

Now she's embracing the role of motherhood and it's simply inspiring. She's always been mature and real—a reason why I've had a soft spot for her since day one....and because she has purple streak hidden in that long blonde mane of hers—but now she's evolved into a relaxed and grounded mom. 

So there's always some degree of posing when it comes to capturing newborns. But this last series was far from posed. This is just how Taylor looks at her daughter.

I think this is my favorite grouping of Ms. Paisley. Those hands are the nurturing touch of her Grandma who is gently coaching her own daughter on the ways of motherhood. This child will be raised in a home built of love, by one of the most supportive families I've been around.

The details that will become Paisley's childhood: Taylor created the art from one of her favorite Bible verses, Proverbs 3:15. 

The light that afternoon was hazy for 5 minutes and then blinding which provided a bit of a challenge...which "may" have mirrored Paisley's mood for part of the afternoon. Then again, if some stranger wanted me to look charming while staying perfectly asleep for three hours, I might have been ticked too. Between the coos there were a few cries, but even those were adorable and had to make the cut!

I cannot wait to be small part of this journey with Taylor and Paisley. Thank you to the family for making their story a part of mine!