Maternity Session: The Elzinga Family

It has been one of the greatest gifts to see this couple pregnant again with little boy #2. After a journey that most wouldn't believe, they've found themselves walking the path of 40 weeks...tonight. So it's Carrie's great hope that just like my last maternity session post, it will trigger childbirth within 24 hours.

We spent an overcast evening in Riverside Park. Though the weather was cold and less than optimal, we made the best of it and found new ways to explore a park I thought I knew well. 

Henry Danger is READY to be a big brother in every way.

My journey with Carrie began after Hurricane Katrina. We drove the long 29 hours to Mississippi together and had so much in common. Little did we know that we'd soon share the path of infertility...that was, until we ended up with due dates 10 days apart with our boys. Now, we get ready to welcome baby "Courage."

It's hard to believe that soon, very soon, we'll be at the hospital, welcoming this newbie to the world. And yes, I said "we" since I hope to make it to the birth to document the baby's arrival. Cannot wait! We'll see if this post does the trick!

Carrie, Dan and Henry: we love you so much and cannot wait for this world to get a little bit brighter with the arrival of baby #2.