Newbie Session: The Ramseyer Family

We completed the trifecta of photoshoots with a home visit to see Elliot when he was 10 days old. Shocker. He got cuter. 

There's never been a nursery created with so much love. And when I say created, I mean CREATED. Caroline hand sewed the mobiles, painted 26 canvases over the crib (one for each letter of the alphabet with creature's names translated in english and polish), every detail was coordinated. It's perfect.

Little man in his tiny cap. It's so small, but almost too big for him!

This little guy was wide awake for over half the shoot. He already has very soulful, wise eyes. But boy is he cute when he's sleeping.

I will never get enough shots of tiny baby toes.

One of the most precious things in the nursery is a sailboat that was hand-crafted by Adam's dad. Each of his grandchildren have had it in their nurseries. With each newborn, he adds a brass nameplate commemorating the arrival. It is the most clever baby bassinet I've ever seen. These photos do not do it justice!

Wide awake during dark skies.

It's clear that Adam and Caroline are over the moon with their little one.

Nothing sweeter than the way Caroline nuzzles her sweet pea.

Henry is transitioning really well into the role of Big Brother. He's smitten and loves helping where he can.

Adam is a natural with his second born. These boys are blessed to have a father as solid and caring as he is. I'm grateful to the family to have been given such access and time with their expanding family. I learned so much through the experience and hope they treasure these shots as much as I do.