Maternity Session: The Ramseyer Family

When it comes time to do your first paid shoot, it helps to have a model-like family as your subject. And it helps when they're already dear friends and the money is going to support March of Dimes. So tonight—in honor of Caroline's false labor—I'm posting the images we took a month ago with the hopes that it jumpstarts little Ubu into making an appearance...SOON! Like tonight.

The Ramseyers and I spent two hours capturing their little family of three—soon to be four—at Riverside Park in Grand Rapids just before sunset. Prior to the start it was cloudy and looked like it could rain at any point. But the moment their car pulled in the parking lot, our fortune changed! Caroline is the ideal model (you should have seen her on her wedding day) and looks amazing pregnant so it made my task easy.

Besides just focusing on the pregnancy, we really wanted to document the entire family and the relationships between each of them. Adam is one of the most happy, jovial guys I know and an absolutely amazing father....He pulled my wagon, kept Henry happy, and looked like I wasn't pulling his finger nails out, which is more than I can say for most men being photographed that aren't paid models. You can clearly see how much he cares for Caroline and just how excited he is to welcome baby boy #2. 

Henry is ready to be a big brother and has been so excited for the arrival of Ubu. We spent some time focusing on his close bonds to momma, baby and dad as we talked about the arrival of the big day.

Because we had a camera and a cutie, we thought, "Why not make this a child portrait session too!" Henry was fascinated with my camera and when he wasn't in frame, we was either copying me or helping me scout our next location. This kid is seriously smart (and well-behaved!)

These are some of my favorite shots because I know how out-dated they soon will be, which made the need to document that much more important. I think back to the days when it was just Max, Ryan and I....and though I'd never change our family of four for a second, our family pics when we were a wee bit smaller are so special to me! I hope the Ramseyers will feel the same way about these in the years to come. It was an honor to be a small part of their story. Can't wait to photograph Ubu in his first 48 hours. More to come!