Fresh 48: Welcome Elliot

I don't think there's anything more precious than the first few hours with a new baby. And I was blessed to meet little Elliot just 6 hours into his adventure! 

I can already tell that Elliot is going to have a charmed life. His birth seemed that way after all....I willed him into the world by posting his mamma's maternity images :) Then just 8 hours later Caroline was headed back to the hospital only to learn that Elliot's head was already engaged! All this, yet there was still time for an epidural. Adam and Caroline welcomed their son not long after and he was even flashing us smiles just hours after entry!

The highlight for me is documenting every tiny toe and wrinkly knee. As Adam went off to pick up the newly minted Big Brother, Caroline and I spent the time un-swaddling the sleepy little guy and documenting all his best features.

It's amazing to me that from the moment we're born, we have a personality. Expressions. A sense of humor even? Elliot is no exception. 

More of the details that we've been waiting 9 months to discover.

I don't think I've ever seen a kiddo as genuinely thrilled as Henry was to meet his new little brother. 

Henry was immediately interested in holding the baby, feeding him and sharing all of his observations of his new little brother.

I also got to share in the excitement as Elliot met his grandparents. What a proud moment for all of them.

And a few parting shots of the little cutie. Thank you to the entire family for so openly sharing with me every tiny toe and exuberant smile. It was truly a gift.